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psychotic for Lenten, day 17 & my comments on the papacy

Benedykt XVI (2010-10-17)My Belief on Ratzinger

Ratzinger‘s corrupt and has tried to maintain secrecy on child abuse, not to protect the abused but rather to protect the millions of dollars the church controls. The whole idea of child-rapists hiding as priests is disgusting. If a man becomes a pastor/preacher (whatever term you like), he must be good to his congregation. This means caring for them, not taking care of himself with them.

At least, people like Richard Dawkins have the balls to expose these criminals for what they are. By the way, I’m a Christian and I do agree with Dawkins on this one even as he calls the arrest of Ratzinger for his shameless cover-up on child abuse.

“On Friday, February 1, 2013, on the basis of evidence supplied by our affiliated Common Law Court of Justice (, our Office concluded an agreement with representatives of a European nation and its courts to secure an arrest warrant against Joseph Ratzinger, aka Pope Benedict, for crimes against humanity and ordering a criminal conspiracy.”

Could this mean that the real reason Ratzinger resigned is to “protect and save” the Catholic Church from the embarrassment of his acts and similar acts of many men in the Catholic clergy? I do believe that no man including clergy is exempt from the Law of Man (legal system). If there’s enough proof incriminating Ratzinger, he should be arrested, stripped of all is church titles and all benefits and prosecuted as a common accessory to rape.

Other organizations like the United Life Church have wondered if Ratzinger‘s resignation is The End of the Catholic Church?. The article openly criticizes Ratzinger pointing out three main scandals/problems that have plagued his papacy and brought shame to the church.

  1. Ratzinger’s Office Implicated in Child Sex Abuse Scandals — the continuous cover-up of sexual abuse by the Catholic church, especially Ratzinger himself
  2. Treaties with Fascist Governments — his participation in the Hitler Youth and indoctrinated in anti-Semitic propaganda
  3. 12th Century Prophecy Predicts Benedict Resignation, End of Church — Irish saint, St. Malachy (1094–1148), predicting “a cleansing, a purging of the Church”

I even made my opinion known publicly via Twitter, which was later retweeted by @ulcmonastery.

@ChristianNoob 8:55 a.m. – Feb 26, 2013
always had a bad vibe on Ratzinger with that evil look in his eyes… The End of the Catholic Church? @ulcmonastery

It’s clearly no surprise how much atheists hate the Catholic church more than any other belief system. I’m glad that I no longer have any ties to the Catholic tradition — other than my twenty-one-year-old son who’s a devout Catholic. By the way, if you care to know, part of the latter was taken from psychotic for Lenten, day 15 & the end of the Catholic church. Consider it a repost.

Pope Tawadros II of Alexandria (edited) - REUTERSCoptic Pope to the Vatican

Since we finally got rid of Ratzinger, could Pope Tawadros II take over the Vatican and unite the Church — East and West, Roman and Orthodox? I don’t know much about the Orthodox tradition, but it’d be nice to strengthen the relationships (if any) between the eastern and western hemispheres. The Coptic Pope could probably rescue a church tainted by corruption and blood (The Vatican’s Holocaust, 1986, Baron Avro Manhattan). It’d be a fresh start for the Church although Protestants and other minor groups will be lost in the new mix. Nonetheless it’s a start to bring honor back to the Church.

Even an atheist can change and even improve the Church. My vote for Professor Richard Dawkins.

The Pope Richard DawkinsThe Atheists Slapping Some Sense into Theists

What kind of pope would Richard Dawkins be (picture courtesy of Religion’s turned into a joke with filthy-rich preachers in mega-churches, priests who can’t keep their hands to themselves, homosexuality double standard (okay for priests raping boys, not okay for gay men who fall in love), hatred in the name of GOD, holding Bibles in the air in the name of hatred disguised as GOD and so much other lies fed to blind sheep.

In all, we need a revolution in the Church — a black pope in the Vatican, the Coptic Pope taking over the Vatican, a woman as pope or simply no more pope!


One response to “psychotic for Lenten, day 17 & my comments on the papacy

  1. Mr. Atheist 03/01/2013 at 22:43:21

    Yee-haw! He will die in that stink hole of an apartment. Unless we go with with Seal Team Six. I cannot believe that walls can protect scum. Too bad there is no HELL.

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