The Christian Noob (n00b)

born & raised Catholic, now going to a Presbyterian church & still learning

Sunday series: 09/28/2008 (#2)

Where: Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church at 11:15am

Bible reading:

“8 And the Lord spake unto Moses, saying, 9 Command Aaron and his sons, saying, This is the law of the burnt offering: It is the burnt offering, because of the burning upon the altar all night unto the morning, and the fire of the altar shall be burning in it. 10 And the priest shall put on his linen garment, and his linen breeches shall he put upon his flesh, and take up the ashes which the fire hath consumed with the burnt offering on the altar, and he shall put them beside the altar. 11 And he shall put off his garments, and put on other garments, and carry forth the ashes without the camp unto a clean place. 12 And the fire upon the altar shall be burning in it; it shall not be put out: and the priest shall burn wood on it every morning, and lay the burnt offering in order upon it; and he shall burn thereon the fat of the peace offerings. 13 The fire shall ever be burning upon the altar; it shall never go out. 14 And this is the law of the meat offering: the sons of Aaron shall offer it before the Lord, before the altar. 15 And he shall take of it his handful, of the flour of the meat offering, and of the oil thereof, and all the frankincense which is upon the meat offering, and shall burn it upon the altar for a sweet savour, even the memorial of it, unto the Lord. 16 And the remainder thereof shall Aaron and his sons eat: with unleavened bread shall it be eaten in the holy place; in the court of the tabernacle of the congregation they shall eat it. 17 It shall not be baken with leaven. I have given it unto them for their portion of my offerings made by fire; it is most holy, as is the sin offering, and as the trespass offering.” (Leviticus 6:8-17 KJV)

Comments then:

  1. most enjoyable service, much more than a Catholic Sunday service (mass);
  2. choral introit “I Will Worship the Lord” by John Rutter, very dramatic, almost rock & roll;
  3. no problem shaking hands with strangers, no OCD, not getting dirty; no desperation;
  4. still see myself as dirty and unholy;
  5. getting used to or feeling better of myself, at least felling at ease and in peace with myself;
  6. still lost during service;
  7. still not sure what to do, but not worried about offending anyone in church;
  8. still wondering why the menorahs.

Comments now:

  1. It’s all changed so much. I now know the order of worship, a good amount of the traditions and history of the Presbyterian Church (USA).
  2. In the past four and a half (4.5) years, I’ve learned a lot about the Bible (though not sure what the reading quoted above from Leviticus 6:8-17 means other than eating “unleavened bread”), Abrahamic religions (especially Judaism) and even history as well as philophy (Nietzsche, Levinas, etc) ever since.
  3. I’ve also met people at the church, some of whom I’ve become friends with.
  4. Although I continue to shake hands with people, I use a hand sanitizer right away (OCD).
  5. By the way, I still don’t why the church has menorahs if it’s not a synagogue.

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