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death in Boston, another day of infamy, four days later

According to security video footage distributed within the police agencies and made available to the public, two men around the blast zone were carrying a duffel bag and a backpack in one shot, but not about twenty (20) minutes later. The duffel bag and backpack were identical to those found along with shreds of pressure cookers used to make the two bombs.

Authorities found one of two suspects late last night. I don’t care about the specifics. All I care about is that the suspect died in a shoot-out.

Call it street justice. After all, no one wants any (alleged) criminal escape through some crack in the legal system. Besides it avoids the waste of money.

Nonetheless, one must wonder if the man shot dead was really the criminal or some fall guy.

In all, one’s dead. One’s still alive. As such, the manhunt continues!

All Boston Residents Should Stay Indoors, Governor Says
Gov. Deval Patrick of Massachusetts on Friday said residents of Boston and its neighboring communities should “stay indoors, with their doors locked” as the authorities conducted a huge manhunt for one of the two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings.
The other suspect, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, was killed after a police chase early Friday. The surviving suspect, Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19, identified as his brother, remained at large.”

Before anyone talks more than he/she should blaming one race or another and/or religion or another, remember that

“… terrorism comes in

  1. all colors,
  2. all races,
  3. all nationalities,
  4. all languages,
  5. all creeds,
  6. all forms,
  7. all sexes,
  8. all orientations,
  9. all political affiliations
  10. and/or all levels of stupidity.

A person can be evil regardless of

  1. whatever book he/she reads,
  2. whatever faith he/she believes
  3. and/or whatever invisible man he/she prays to (George Carlin reference).”



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