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rants: not feeling well today… back at 60%

The Sunday at Home 1880 - Psalm 23I still feel as if someone’s kicked my in the ribs. As precaution and curiosity, I checked for broken ribs to avail.

The pain was so debilitating that I couldn’t even move since any effort usually meant an increase in respiration. I even wondered if it was a mild case of thrombosis.

Two days latter (today), I still have trouble breathing, limited lung capacity, but I’m much better than this past Tuesday.

I haven’t slept well though. I woke up about six (6) times last night in bed till the pain would wake me up and then sleeping on an office chair with my head on a pillow against a wall. It was a tiring cycle but it was the only way I could rest. At least, it was better than the night before when I woke up in so much pain that I couldn’t breath or move and stayed gasping for air for a good five long seconds.

Needless to say (type), if today I feel any worse, I’ll drag myself to the nearest good hospital — either (in order of preference)

  1. Long Island Jewish Medical Center (20.5 miles, 34 minutes),
  2. NYU Langone Medical Center (4.6 miles, 12 minutes)
  3. or New York Presbyterian (3.5 miles, 11 minutes).

Of course, the latter would include a $600 bill for the ambulance ride. NYDF/EMT makes a lot of money on the hurt and dying.

Maybe it may really be time to get those forms for Advance Planning For End of Life Services ready.


One response to “rants: not feeling well today… back at 60%

  1. 05/09/2013 at 12:14:45

    You take care and hope you will recover fast!

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