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rants: real big apple (at times smelly, rotten and old)

only in NYC a tine wooden cross in the concrete foundation holds the weight of elevated train tracksAs many know, I live in NYC. I seldom keep quiet about my feelings especially those hidden from tourists. As of late, I’ve been posting pictures on Instagram to prove my point, instead of painting a mental image or when I’m simply to lazy to type.

This old Jewish town that’s lost most of its Dutch heritage (formerly known as New Amsterdam) can

  1. be rich (money to burn),
  2. look beautiful (Empire State Building),
  3. cruel to animals (horse carriages in and/or around Central Park),
  4. be a junkie’s paradise (Needle Park),
  5. collect stench and disease (garbage, dirty gutters, run-down buildings),
  6. promote the best in prostitution and pornography (time to do your homework & find out),
  7. see enough lights to trigger a massive seizures (Times Square),
  8. celebrate the New Year in style (dropping the ball also at Times Square),
  9. enjoy the best plays and shows (Broadway),
  10. live the fantasy (the old, gone splendor of the 1920’s),
  11. experience the most decadent education and lack of manners in the world,
  12. and, most importantly, make fools believe NYC is simply New York County that consists of the island of Manhattan (formerly known as Mannahatta by the natives of the time) — as well as the home of
    1. the weirdest,
    2. the lonely,
    3. the dirty,
    4. the pretty,
    5. the ugly,
    6. the filthy rich,
    7. the rotten poor,
    8. the best street performers,
    9. the religious,
    10. the agnostics,
    11. the atheists,
    12. criminals,
    13. and thieves in rags or suits,

    simply summarized as the very best and the very worst of mankind.

as in every corner of this world, the cross that bore the weight of the coming trains is now GARBAGE and FORSAKEN!Yet this is probably everyone’s dream city as a tourist or for the common Joe to make it big. So enjoy your $1 slice of pizza, fold it in half and shove it in your mouth. If you’re arrogantly sophisticated, enjoy your $1000 breakfast of bagels, specialized omelets, over-priced bagels, teas and/or coffee.Just remember, this ain’t your hometown so get ready to be mugged or wacked if you’re stupid enough to pull out a map in public, but have a great time spending your money here.

Don’t you wish the Guardian Angels still patrolled the sybways and the swept-under-the-rug neighborhoods of NYC.


2 responses to “rants: real big apple (at times smelly, rotten and old)

  1. Kathy Lebron 05/13/2013 at 09:24:53

    Having spent the day in the city yesterday, I concur with all of the rant! I’m still reeling from the message by Pastor Carl, Hillsong Church NYC. It was simple and powerful. GO. Wherever those weird, lonely, dirty, pretty, ugly, rich and poor, atheist, agnostic, religious, criminals or business people are, GO. And don’t go critically and religiously, but GO with Jesus’ heart who sat with them and compelled them by His honesty and compassion. I live in the suburbs outside on NYC, and every time I get to go, I love that place and can’t wait to return! It’s a hotbed for true love and servant evangelism!

    • Frank Olvera (aka "The Christian Noob") 05/13/2013 at 11:12:48


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