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born & raised Catholic, now going to a Presbyterian church & still learning

rants: cemetery a-knocking

The last time I was connected to a machine my heart was being examined. The valve in the left ventricle doesn’t close properly causing a leak between O2-rich blood (filtered coming from the lungs) and CO2-rich blood (unfiltered going to the lungs). It was categorized as benign (no need for surgery to stitch/cauterize (laser-burn) the rip on the valve or full replacement). I guess this where the saying “bad blood” comes from.

I’m about 80-pounds overweight. I’m a thrombosis waiting to happen although my diet partially eliminates a good amount of possible plaque.

Now add the various clots from the many accidents during my wrestling years and various other accidents that may still be floating in my blood stream. I’m an interesting experiment to happen.

With the pain on the right side of my chest by ribs 3 (three) and 4 (four) approximately, I’m worried and hope it’s mere muscle spasm.

In all, I must be realistic. I cheated death many tines and the Ripper might have me on his list. If so, who’d be there for my kids — especially my sick child.


It was funny to get an ad from a cemetery not long ago .

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