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“Jesus is ____” by Judah Smith — responses

Jesus is ____ by Judah SmithThese are some of the responses left in my Facebook account by Bijbelstudenten Biblestudents — worth posting (thanks).

“There may be many Christians who feel the need to judge and think they are the good ones and the non believers are the bad ones; But whom are the good ones and who the bad ones? But you can already question of those believers follow the teachings of their so called master. Jesus never considered himself God and always said he could do nothing without God who is greater than him; Though many Christians made Jesus not only to be a god but to be to be the God. Jesus is the son of God, which is totally different to being ‘god the son’.

God can not die, but Jesus did. God can not be seen nor touched and can not be tempted, but Jesus could be heard, seen, touched and spoken to and was more than once in his lifetime tempted. He also had contact with many sinners but he himself never sinned. He made the choice to follow the Will of his Father, and not to do his own wil, even not at the time that his life was in danger. this makes Jesus such a special man whose offering for that reason was accepted by the God of gods as the only ideal and full ransom for the sins of humanity.

No matter what we try to do, as non-believers or as believers, as Christians, may it be as Presbyterian,Catholic, Baptist, Pentecostal or even serious bible Student, we all are sinners and have to face our weaknesses. It is only by facing those shortcomings that we shall be able to grow and work on our character (to become more like Christ).

Read original post — “Jesus is ____” by Judah Smith.


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