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rants: catholicism, not a religion

Great Schism (courtesy of’ve bitched about the following many times, but people refuse to hear.

“15 He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.” (Matthew 11:15 KJV)

It’s hard to make true as well as so-called Catholics (as my mom and others who seem to care) that Catholicism is NOT a religion and NOT Christianity by itself, but a division of Christianity (East-West Schism, 1054) — a denomination, one of the major divisions of the Christian Church. Others include the Eastern Orthodox Church, Protestants, Primitivism, etc.

“The Schism of 1054 (also known as the East-West Schism) occurred when a representative of the Roman pope excommunicated the patriarch of Constantinople, and the patriarch excommunicated the Roman pope in return.”

Christ Coptic ArtBy the way, I love Coptic art — as the ones included in this post.

Protestantism is NOT another religion. It’s a set of denominations protesting (complaining) the corruption of the Roman Catholic Church — especially the pope and the practice of donations to buy salvation (shameful bribery & insult to God).

As such, I’m a Christian baptized Catholic and indoctrinated in its secondary beliefs. I despised the concept of the Church (as a whole) for many years as it’d corrupted Christianity and the Word of God. By 2008, I’d decided not to return to the Roman Catholic Church. In 2008, I decided to check out various Protestant churches settling for Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church — a eclectic mix of the filthy rich and those living paycheck to paycheck (if not unemployed). Hence I’m a Christian who rejects the corruption and hypocrisy of the Roman Catholic Church — for example, sexual abuse of children (especially, but not limited to, boys). I believe a pastor (male or female) should marry and have a family. The latter doesn’t mean that there’s no sexual misconduct in Protestant churches, but it sure as hell is heavily diminished.

If anyone wants to discuss other religions, see Neopaganism, especially Wicca.

First image of Great Schism is a courtesy of — thanks.


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