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rants: something for free, being cheap, the street fair & the Quran

Koran (Quran)I’ve always been a greedy bastard. If I can get something for free, I’d take it even if I don’t need it. Said this, this past Saturday during a street fair (the same fair where I met a pastor of a Lutheran church three years ago), I was offered a copy of the interpretation (not translation, as considered improper) of Quran in English by members of WhyIslam? (ICNA), which I gladly accepted. This means that so far I’ve got books and other material from various Christian denominations, Krishna (ISKCON), Paganism, Buddhism and now Islam. Needless to say, none of this makes me an expert or educated in any religion. The best I can offer the curious is a half-assed interpretation, poorly educated relation between these religions based on the common concept of the Godhead as well as naive curiosity (almost childish and fairly honest ignorance).

ignorance (n.)
c.1200, from Old French ignorance (12c.), from Latin ignorantia ‘want of knowledge’ (see ignorant).”

ignorant (adj.)
late 14c., from Old French ignorant (14c.), from Latin ignorantia, from ignorantem (nominative ignorans), present participle of ignorare ‘not to know, to be unacquainted; mistake, misunderstand; take no notice of, pay no attention to,’ from assimilated form of in- ‘not, opposite of’ (see in- (1)) + Old Latin gnarus ‘aware, acquainted with’ (cf. Classical Latin noscere ‘to know,’ notus ‘known’), from Proto-Latin suffixed form *gno-ro-, related to gnoscere ‘to know’ (see know).
Form influenced by Latin ignotus ‘unknown.’ Cf. also uncouth. Colloquial sense of ‘ill-mannered’ first attested 1886. As a noun meaning ‘ignorant person’ from mid-15c.”

“Ignorance is a state of being uninformed (lack of knowledge). The word ignorant is an adjective describing a person in the state of being unaware and is often used as an insult to describe individuals who deliberately ignore or disregard important information or facts. Ignoramus is commonly used in the US, the UK, and Ireland as a term for someone who is willfully ignorant.
Ignorance is distinguished from stupidity, although both can lead to ‘unwise’ acts.
Writer Thomas Pynchon articulated about the scope and structure of one’s ignorance: ‘Ignorance is not just a blank space on a person’s mental map. It has contours and coherence, and for all I know rules of operation as well. So as a corollary to [the advice of] writing about what we know, maybe we should add getting familiar with our ignorance, and the possibilities therein for writing a good story.’
The legal principle that ignorantia juris non excusat, literally ‘ignorance of the law is no excuse’, stands for the proposition that the law applies also to those who are unaware of it.”

For those who may be troubled by my use of the word ignorance, I must explain what the concept of ignorance is. It may refer to lack of knowledge and/or wisdom. As such, as much as I listen to music with German as well as Slavic lyrics, I lack the knowledge to understand what the song’s about. As much as I enjoy foreign movies, I barely understand French and I can’t make any sense of Russian.

In all ignorance brings out curiosity from the individual. This curiosity develops into questioning, learning, studying and hopefully assimilating this foreign knowledge. In return, the final goal of knowledge (learned information) is wisdom (using this new information).

By the way, I wish all my Muslim friends a holy Ramadan (evening of Monday 07/08/2013 to the evening of Wednesday 08/07/2013), lots of prayer and nightly feast.


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