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as (pagan) music saved my soul: Eluveitie

I’ve been listening to Pagan (also referred to as folk) metal for a while. I’ve currently got Eluveitie (Switzerland) on heavy rotation. Some of their songs are in ancient Celtic languages like Omnos (roughly translated as Fear) written in Gaulish — sort of music for nerds (at least, no songs in KlingonQapla’!) with a range of instruments including

  1. accordions,
  2. bagpipes,
  3. bodhrán,
  4. crumhorns,
  5. fiddles,
  6. flutes,
  7. gaitas,
  8. hammered dulcimers,
  9. harps,
  10. hurdy gurdy,
  11. Irish bouzouki,
  12. mandolas,
  13. pipes,
  14. uilleann pipes,
  15. violas,
  16. violins
  17. and whistles,
  18. not merely the guitar, bass and drums structure in most popular music.

The only problem I’ve got is that a handful of tracks are plain screamo with slight folk metal in the far background. Needless to say (type), I’m a tough customer especially when adding material to my collection of over 600 discs ranging from folk (not metal) and country to electronica and rave to thrash and industrial metal.


One response to “as (pagan) music saved my soul: Eluveitie

  1. Rina Mosquera 05/19/2014 at 22:15:11

    Linda la música

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