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Sunday series: on hold, really?

Should I continue the Sunday Series, in which I expressed my feelings and ideas of every Sunday service I’ve been part of (gone to) since I returned to the church?


Sunday series: 300 weeks going to church (preview)

5 years 9 months 1 week =
~5.769230769230769 years or
~69.23076923076924 months going to FAPC
(yet still clueless about the whole experience)

Sunday series: on hold again, 600 years ago

found my 11th great grandfather born in 1510, 13 generations ago…

  1. my 11th great grandfather
  2. my 10th great grandmother
  3. my 9th great grandmother
  4. my 8th great grandmother
  5. my 7th great grandfather
  6. my 6th great grandfather
  7. my 5th great grandmother
  8. my 4th great grandfather
  9. my 3rd great grandfather
  10. my 2nd great grandfather
  11. my great grandmother
  12. my grandfather
  13. my mother
  14. finally me

some ancestors coming from Spain during the the time of the Conquistadors.

Sunday series: on hold again, indexing files

As of late, I’ve been indexing files for FamilySearch. For those who know me, I need to keep my brain busy to stay out of trouble.

Therefore I haven’t transcribed my notes of the past year, throwing off the idea of releasing the project as part of my five-year celebration.

Speaking of the project, a friend of mine who’s an editor gave me quote to review the latter project. Either she’s waiting for me to ask for a break (discount) or she’s nuts considering my current finances. She wants $750 (50% upfront, 50% once completed), which I understand it’s a low cost for editing.

Sunday series: the first 5 years today

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born & raised Catholic, now going to a Presbyterian church & still learning


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