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publishing three books: new low price

Under the Thelian Sky, Kindle Direct Publishing, ASIN B00GTQBY04Under the Thelian Sky, ASIN B00GTQBY04, just $0.99

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Amazon lending enabled

free with Kindle Unlimited

also available in print (ISBN 9781494232283)


publishing three books: all in one volume… and the starving artist

Under the Thelian Sky, Kindle Direct Publishing, ASIN B00GTQBY04Growing up my oldest sister (who doesn’t like to be reminded about our nine-year age difference) told me once that writing poetry, prose, stories and/or music wouldn’t support me financially. I knew she was right, but I wanted to prove her wrong. Ever since, she’s proven me wrong and I went to college for several careers.

I currently work as systems programmer managing several systems from mainframe operations to report servers. Nonetheless I never stopped writing hoping to prove her wrong one day. Said this, get my book — Under the Thelian Sky — and write a review as well as sharing it with others (part of the lending program in Amazon). Help me prove my oldest sister wrong.

print ISBN 9781494232283

ebook ASIN B00GTQBY04

By the way, I’m not starving as in the title of this post. I actually have to lose weight.

publishing three books: all in one volume… free Kindle Edition (update)

publishing three books: all in one volume… free Kindle Edition

publishing three books: all in one volume… Amazon

Under the Thelian Sky, CreateSpace #4535379, ISBN 9781494232283I think I’m getting better with self-publishing. I edited the book and ebook for Under the Thelia Sky once again!

I used calibre to edit the HTML file, add the proper meta tags and create the ePub and MOBI files.

This time I released them through Amazon’s CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

“As everyone knows, God created mankind to his image (Genesis 01:27). What mankind does not know is that God did not create man on Earth, but rather on MARS! When Mars could not sustain life anymore, mankind had to escape the planet and colonized Earth. Many years later, a study was written about the survival of mankind in Sol 4 (Mars) and its struggle in Sol 3 (Earth). We proved to be a species that has survived wars, slavery and other forms of abuse — always holding on to our faith in God.

Doctor Ajidán Edejèm, after finding out that his world was going to die, embarks in the dangerous mission to rescue as many people as possible and search for a new world. All the while, the government wants to keep everything quiet and even kill him for telling others about the unavoidable doom.

“We discovered that the seismic activity is increasing and becoming more frequent causing volcanic eruptions, which increase the volume of sulfates in the atmosphere and break down Ozone. In other words, the atmosphere of this planet is bleeding into space. At the rate these phenomena are taking place, life on Tærr will no longer be supported in less than a month’s time. The only way for our species to survive is to travel to another habitable planet. In our research, we have found a planet close to ours with a similar atmosphere about 3 months away. We have prepared a fleet of ships to take as many citizens as possible to this new planet. We will gather in 3 days’ time, on the fields of the Theliá State Government University, scientists and other experts along with some clergy will welcome you.”
— Doctor Ajidán Edejèm (copyright, 2012, 2013)

Years before the extinction of life in Mars, the Thelian society was perfect, yet corrupted. Life was easy, yet difficult if you were different. For every good person, like Ahila Keinj who found peace in The Faith, there were many willing to destroy it all for gain while they controlled the fate of many. At the end, an outsider simply known as Operative Logger 9C56 tries to fight them and stop their manipulation of history and mankind.”

The good thing about KDP is that you get the ebook for free when you buy the print version.

print ISBN 9781494232283

ebook ASIN B00GTQBY04

If you had bought and/or received a free copy of the previous versions, contact me. I’ll send you the updated version.

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